Our technicians have extensive experience building networks from multi-building Wide Area Networks (WANs) to single-room Local Area Networks (LANs). We offer a total solution, from network design and proposal, to installation, to maintenance and support on the large enterprise, small/medium business, and small office scales.


Whether you have a business with 80 PC's across multiple buildings, and you want Voice-over-IP, local file sharing, shared printers, and DNS/HTTP caching, or you just have 5 PC's that you want to access the Internet. We can design it.

We will meet with you, help you discover your needs, suggest possibilities for future expansion and help you avoid common, expensive mistakes. We will propose a complete solution, including equipment lists, network wiring design, and breakdown of costs by labor, parts, service, and other factors.

Wireless Solutions

If your network needs a wireless solution, we can design and deploy it. We specialize in wireless LAN, point-to-point bridges, and even point-to-multipoint solutions for distributed office/business environments. Our designs encompass a wide range of needs, from large enterprise to small/medium business and home use.  


Digix Technologies operates in affiliation with Turnkey Integrators, License #B15070. All Texas clients requiring services that fall under the purview of the DPS Private Security  Division will be referred to Turnkey Integrators.



Digix MPEG-4 DVR servers are high-performance hardware MPEG-4 video compression. Our Linux based DGX series provides unmatched image quality with a maximum resolution of 720x480 pixels, true real-time video and much smaller file sizes to give you longer storage time with exceptional remote client capability. DGX Series DVR's are capable of recording at 30fps per camera CIF, our DGX Series DVR's hardware MPEG4 DVR capture cards deliver superior image quality with higher resolutions. Our dual speed fully hardwired MPEG-4 DVR deliver true real display and recording with very low CPU consumption, thanks to the hardware based ASIC technology. Combined with our Linux multi-tasking operating system with built-in intelligent video analytics, which offers unmatched stability and reliability. DVRUSA DGX Series also offers powerful suite of intelligent video solutions such as object detection, zone monitoring and advance auto motion tracking feature.

  • Hardware MPEG-4 Compression
    • Change video quality, capture speed and resolution for each channel. More storage compatibility with as low as 1-4KB per frame CIF
    • Total recording rate of 480/400fps (30fps: 360X240 (NTSC) / 25fps: 360X288 (PAL)
  • Variable Recording Modes: continuous or sequence, scheduled, event/sensor/alarm-triggered, motion-detection with pre- and post-recording buffers

  • Dynamic Live View
    • Drag and drop camera or channel views
    • Variable display modes
    • Synchronized audio with video
    • e-MAP with live camera display for increased response time during emergencies
    • Deinterlace option

  • Support NTSC and PAL

  • Auto Tracking PTZ
    • Preset, which is the capability to set a single camera movement from one direction to another, for instance "Pan camera 1 from left to right"
    • Group Run, which is the capability to set many cameras to move from one direction to another, for instance "Pan camera 1 to move from left to right" and "Zoom 10x camera 1"
    • Auto Tracking, This cutting-edge Software based Auto Object Tracking will follow a moving object up 360 degrees! This intelligent auto tracking pan tilt zoom feature will follow an object up to 360 degrees with any standard PTZ camera.

  • Built-in Intelligent Video Solutions
    • Elite Pro DVR offers powerful suite of intelligent video monitoring and analysis such as object detection and motion tracking

  • Advance Smart Search & Playback
    • Single and Multi-playback
    • 10x Digital zoom

  • Easy Back-Up and Restore
    • Easy back-up function to CD-RW or DVD-RW and restore old videos; save as AVI
    • Royalty-free DVR Backup Viewer application
    • External RAID storage through optional SCSI PCI adapter

  • Alarm messages, E-mail notifications and SMS notification feature

  • Efficient Network Functions; support for low bandwidth and high bandwidth
    • Remote transmission via LAN and Internet RJ-45 10/100 BaseT main connection; DHCP enabled; NTP time synchronization; up to 10 remote users simultaneously with camera lock out feature
    • Remote Cleint: remote monitoring, recording, playback and remote setup
    • Web browser; support for Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox and Safari
    • IPhone; use your iPhone to view any and all cameras remotely

  • Multi-level user access with multiple log-in capability


Add-On Applications
  • Privacy Mask Protection
  • Advanced Motion Detection
  • Scene Change Detection
  • Pre-Recording Using HDD
  • Advanced Round-The-Clock Recording
  • Instant Playback
  • Time Merge From Different Clips
  • Password Expiration Management
  • New Codecs: Geo H264, Geo MPEG4 ASP
  • System Idle Protection
  • Spot Monitor Controller
  • POS Live Viewer
  • Photo-ID Integration (GV-WT)
  • Hard Disk Calculator

WebCam - Remote Surveillance

Mobile Phone Application
  • POS Live View via IE Browser
  • 3G Mobile Phone Support (3GPP)
  • SSL Encrypt Connection Support
  • UPnP™ Support
  • Support 4, 9, and 16 screen divisions
  • PTZ control via directional buttons
  • Channel switch via middle button

Advanced I/O Control

Profile Management
  • Visual Automation
  • Virtual I/O Control
  • One-Click I/O Status Control
  • Multiple I/O Types Selection
  • Latch Trigger Feature
  • Selectable GUI Skin
  • Custom Start-Up Splash Screen, Non-Active Video & Video Lost Screen
  • Customizing System Features
  • Easy Configuration Backup & Restore
  • Custom DVR Setting's Template


VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) 


The Trixbox application platform makes it fast and simple to install and configure your business-class telephony system. With unlimited extensions, voicemail-to-email, music on hold, call parking, analogue lines or high density ISDN30 circuits and many other features, Trixbox provides all the functionality your business needs.

Trixbox brings big business PBX features to small and medium-sized businesses. 

Unlike traditional telephone systems, the Trixbox uses Voice over IP, or VoIP technology. This enables you to make free unlimited calls over broadband internet connection saving you $$$.


- Full call accounting system (exports to PDF or CSV files) 
- Music on hold (plays MP3 files) 
- Full voicemail and email services 
- Call Recording 
- Call Monitoring 
- Complete FreePBX WEB GUI Management 
- ACD (Automated Call Distribution) or call queues 
- Least cost routing features 
- DID (Direct extension dialing) 
- DISA and Pin support 
- Real time call traffic monitor. GUI panel that shows call  
activity, voicemails etc.  
- Integration with Outlook contacts list  
- VOIP, POTS, PRI capable interface compatibility 
- Full CRM contact management software included 
- Conference bridges and meeting rooms 
- Fully configurable backup system. (WEB based configured) 
- Local or remote extension capable 
- Full Automated attendant and IVR system 
- Ring groups 
- Follow me and forwarding features (per extension) 
- Weather reports 
- Wake-up call features 


POS (Point of Sale)


As a premier systems integrator, digix technologies has a long established reputation for excellence in systems integration services. digix technologies specializes in custom solutions where particular attention is placed on the execution and delivery of a well-defined project plan.

All assembly is performed at our technical facility here in Texas. This includes installation of components, configuration, loading software applications, loading the operating system, testing, and system burn-in. Upon successful testing, systems will be prepped for shipment and if necessary palletized by store location. Our logistics department will schedule shipping and coordinate installation in order to meet required delivery dates.

Our ability to provide POS hardware and software solutions, in addition to providing systems integration services, is a significant advantage to our customers. Products are evaluated and recommended with the foresight
and understanding of the total solution and ultimate goal of the customer. We take total ownership of the project with one point of accountability. digix technologies provides the consulting services, the required hardware and/or software, the integration services, and the project management necessary to deliver the latest in in-store technology to customers. 

Services Include:

  System Staging   Logistic Coordination
  System Configuration   System Installation
  Software Installation   Hardware/Software Supplier
  System Testing   Project Management Services

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