Effective Communication is driven by Efficient Networking Systems. 
Today's diverse technology offers businesses seamless connections between their customers and employees. With the emergence of PDAs and SmartPhones, a company whose workforce is primarily mobile can readily receive essential communication, such as phone, email or voice mail, thus increasing response time to the customer. To reduce costs, the installation of a VoIP system may benefit a business with multiple locations or one that depends on phone services to operate. Paging systems are a valuable asset to manufacturing facilities, restaurant and hospitals, who rely on consistent communication between their staff. 
Whether the technological need is simple or complex, Network Services can help your business deliver appropriate communications to your customers and employees.

Our Services Include:

Network Consulting 
Consultation Services for new & existing Network upgrades

Site Surveys

Site surveys are performed to apply the best solution for your particular business.

Installations of;

(LAN) Local Area Network

(WAN) Wide Area Network

(VPN) Virtual Private Network

(WLAN) Wireless LAN

Wireless Networking P2P,P2MP and Mesh seamless Laptop roaming.

On site Services 
Our experienced technicians will be on time and will perform tasks at hand in a professional and prompt manner.

Remote Services 
Our remote technicians can perform certain tasks remotely and efficiently. 

System Upgrades & Add-ons 
when the need arrives we will make recommendations to upgrade certain systems as it would warrant cost effectiveness. When additional equipment is needed we will also be available to integrate into current framework.  

Recommendations for New Systems Placement

Sometimes we need to just step back and take a look at where we are and where we are growing. At such time decisions may be made to completely overhaul current network. We will assist you in all these processes.


Digix Technologies provides a wide range of product solutions for
your Surveillance needs.

IP Telephony Integration Services 
Professional integration services by our certified and experienced engineers make VoIP Integration the leaders in the field of Call Processing, Voice Mail, Conferencing and Call Center system integration.

Our Services Include:

Network Design / Validation

    The Network design is central to Voice over IP convergence, providing Quality of Service within your network is simply imperative. We can help you redesign your existing network or design a new infrastructure to support IP Telephony.

CPE Installation

    Field engineering services for the configuration, installation, deployment and validation of CPE equipment for Internet Telephony Service provider market.  

End User IP Phone Training

    Training for end users to ensure they get the most out of your new phone system. We provide on-site training classes for users on phone and voice mail operation, call center agents, receptionists as well as individual training where needed.  

Project Architecture

    Need an expert on your design team? Our experienced engineers can bring real-world knowledge to the table, we will work with you to ensure that your design is realistic and uses current best practice methods. 

Network Integration

    Let us integrate your LAN and WAN as part of your Voice project, our integration process will ensure the best possible voice and data infrastructure.  

IP Telephony Managed Care

    Multiple levels of managed care. If your looking for  Moves, Adds and Changes, management of IP Telephony and Voice Mail systems to full monitoring of your voice network, our experts can provide it for you.  

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